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If you are looking for a seasonal job and would like to earn money for your studies, make good use of your vacation or earn some extra money for your retirement, sign up today on the website, call us or apply in person. There is a possibility of free accommodation on the farm.

Jerzy Wilczewski Horticultural Farm


All our activities are aimed at one goal – obtaining the best quality blueberry fruit, and our mutual success consists of the work of many people.

Looking at the scale of activities carried out by our entire family, one cannot ignore the fundamental importance of the participation of the entire team of people in the work related to the Farm.

All these activities are aimed at one goal – obtaining the best quality blueberry fruit, which is possible thanks to the work of many people. These are teams dealing with the preparation of organic matter, brigades specialized in cutting shrubs, tractor operators carrying out (usually at night) plant protection operations, locksmiths, carpenters and mechanics.

Finally, everyone working on harvesting, sorting, packing and preparing the fruit for sale. The work of the entire office staff, people dealing with hiring employees and taking care of the documents, applying for quality certificates and supervising the smooth operation of the office is also important.


Every year, when the July 1st card, with drops from the calendar, our hotels are filled with employees willing to work picking fruit from the field, sorting and packing in the cold room.

For this “harvest time,” we need many “harvesters” to support us in this period of hard work, which lasts until mid-October. Our farm employs a lot of people from nearby villages and towns, who come within their own abilities.

However, the main workforce is currently workers from Ukraine. Young Ukrainians primarily save money for their education. They are satisfied because they earn well and have all the necessary conditions for work and stay. Besides employees from our eastern border we are now being more and more popular among workers from Asian countries, especially Nepalese.

We offer work on a large, modern blueberry plantation. We employ seasonal workers for fruit picking from July till October. Registration of employees from abroad takes place from January (due to formal requirements related to the preparation of the necessary documentation), and employees from Poland from April.

Thinking about people interested in work, coming from different parts of Poland, as well as mainly from abroad, we have built two camping complexes, offering accommodation in the season for approx. 1500 people.

However, bearing in mind the fact that work on the farm is not only the harvest time, but a whole range of activities performed in the field from March to November, we have completed a project to build an all-year-round hotel complex, which can accommodate about 400 people. Our “hotels” are designed to maximize the use of space and create the conditions necessary for everyday life.

The rooms are equipped with kitchenettes, refrigerators, bathrooms with showers, TV sets, radio and electric heating. There is a lot of greenery and flowers around the “hotels” so that all the employees can breathe the idyllic air of the Polish countryside after work and feel at home. For those who prefer active leisure, there is a volleyball pitch and a gazebo for evening meetings.

Our plantations are located in Podlaskie Voivodeship, in Białousy and Kolonia Słoja. We provide free accommodation.

For more information contact by phone +48 85 72 15 030  rom Monday to Friday, 7:30 am – 3:30 pm or by e-mail at blueberry@blueberry.pl.

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