About the farm


The prosperity of our farm is supported by machines and modern technological solutions..

They are irreplaceable in harvesting and storing fruit, they support the work of people, and above all, they serve the proper functioning of the entire farm. In the interests of the quality of the blueberries, the entire plantation has been equipped with an irrigation and fertigation system, which ensures optimal conditions for the growth of these plants.

In 2010, we have expanded the sorting plant and the ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) cold store, where blueberries are being stored in order to extend their sale period. Starting from 2013, an alternative storage method has began with the help of X-tend bags that create a “controlled” atmosphere inside them. Sorting and packing is done on six BBC computerized lines from New Zealand equipped with Best Primus II laser sorters, as well as through manual sorting and weighing practices. 


There are more and more new sorting and packaging machines. Recent investments include the purchase of Proseal sealing machines and a labeling machine from Top Control company. The tractive force in our fields is made up of a fleet of Same, Lamborghini, John Deere, Ursus and CAT tractors. In addition to typical agricultural machinery and equipment, we use a unique technique to burn weeds with fire. Thanks to Italian technology, it is easier for us to keep the plantation clean.

Our blueberry loves to be mulched, and most of all it prefers wood chips from coniferous trees. In order to obtain it we use a whole set of machines, i.e. Ponsse forwarders, Bandit recyclers, Doppstadt recycler, JCB Fastrac tractor, JCB loaders, Albach chipper, as well as a transport set of trucks.

Weather anomalies such as hailstorms and cold air masses have kept us awake for years. However, in 2009, we were given a fighting spirit after the heavy losses caused by the ruthless weather. Investing in modern technology turned out to be a bull’s eye! Twelve anti-hail cannons, two weather stations with a radar system and our fast reactions create a compatible protective staff against the destructive force of storms. The purpose of the emission of the shock wave is to inhibit the formation of hailstones in the cloud and its expansion to destructive sizes for cultivation.

Podlasie region is a specific region, especially in spring, when temperatures can drop rapidly. Wind machines, brought to the farm from the Orchard-rite company from overseas, turned out to be an excellent tool for protection against frosts. Thanks to stationary windmills, we are able to raise the air temperature during spring frosts by up to 7o C. Since these devices were installed on the plantation, we can rest easy knowing that our plants are well looked after.

We use trace amounts of chemicals for biological protection. We protect 160 ha of our plantations with foil rain-proof structures and 100 ha under the Pro-Tech Marketing tunnels.

They protect the fruit against rainfall, morning dew and fog, thus stopping the invasion of fungal diseases and allowing to start harvesting in the morning and continue even during rainfall. A huge challenge for our crew is to put on the foil for the time of harvest and fold it back for the winter. For this purpose, we use 12 self-propelled orchard platforms. While carrying out this work, they have to “work” drive about 1 thousand kilometers.

Welcome to a virtual tour through our farm

  • Top Control labeling machine

  • Sorting machine

  • Proseal sealing packages device

  • Anti-frost wind machine

  • Anti-frost wind machine among blueberries

  • Hail cannon near the tunnels

  • Hail cannon in winter