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The farm in Białousy has existed “since always“. We have built the first greenhouses in 1976.

Our story

Nasze Our farm has grown in a small corner of north-eastern Poland.

In 1976, the first greenhouses were built, producing high yields of roses, cucumbers and tomatoes. The successes achieved encouraged us to work even harder.

The following years are marked by constant development: construction of foil blocks with an area of several thousand square meters, surrounding lands lease, modern machinery and equipment purchase, professionals employments, importing seedlings from reputable nursery companies, as well as increasing and diversifying the range of crops.


1976 – 2008

1976 was a year of breakthrough period of activity, when the first greenhouse roses appeared in our farm in the number of 5 thousand shrubs.

"The largest producers of cut roses in Poland"


The enormous demand for our flowers was the driving force behind the increase in production, thanks to which we’ve reached the peak of our development in 2001. The number of shrubs increased to 1.5 million, and greenhouses covered an area of 11.5 ha. We have been cutting about 150,000 roses per day, which were then being sorted on a sorting and packing machine by OLIMEX from the Netherlands.

Due to such a great demand the honorable title of “The largest producers of cut roses in Poland” has accompanied us for many years.

1982 – 2011

Our history also includes other crops, such as: chokeberry, elderberry, black currant and sea buckthorn.

"We grew this fruit full of flavor and which are the source of health on about 750ha of land."

Other crops

The convenient location of the plantations on the outskirts of the Knyszynski forest, away from busy roads and smoking chimneys, guaranteed the highest quality that we tried to offer to our customers.

However, the vision of an endless adventure with these fruits was overshadowed by the realities of the dynamically changing market, globalization and the political conditions of Poland-East. In 2011, we have finally decided to part with these crops, but we believe that we will be coming back to the memories of the times when, among others, our black currant won the hearts of consumers.

1997 – 2017

We started our “adventure” with deer with 6 individuals. This relatively small deer herd pleased the eye and greatly revived our farm.

"With the passage of time, the hobby turned into professional breeding and a real passion."


In 2006, we put at the disposal of animals over 380 ha of pastures in Ruda (near Gołdap) and about 500 ha on the territory of Szudzialowo and Krynki in Sokólski region. These areas are considered as the cleanest in Poland.

We have created ideal conditions for our herds development. However, in the face of constantly changing external conditions, we were forced to limit our breeding to the pasture in Kolonia Słoja, and finally to its liquidation. By completing a great adventure with deer, we have become richer in experience and proud to have filled another page in our history.

1994 – nowadays

When blueberry was discovered in Europe in the 1950s, the plant was brought to Poland. Several dozen years later, one of the largest blueberry gardens in Europe began to grow on our farm.

We started our "adventure" with blueberries in 1994.


Thanks to cooperation with world prestigious suppliers of blueberry cuttings, incl. Fall Creek Farm & Nursery from overseas, which is its leading producer in the world, in the 1990s brought the first blueberry cuttings, which were planted in Białousy. Ten years later, we already have 180 hectares of blueberries. In 2004, we made efforts to obtain EUREGAP (now GlobalGAP) certificates.

Their award and commissioning of a modern cold store with a controlled atmosphere (ULO) together with a sorting facility that meets all the requirements of international standards, allowed us to become an attractive supplier for our customers. Currently, our plantation covers an area of 600 ha and is under further development.

Our blue treasure

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