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Every day we improve the production of blueberries so that our family farm continues to flourish.

The selection of varieties for new plantings strongly depends on their location.

Podlasie region is specific and, contrary to the appearances, there are large differences of the locations in this area. The varieties are selected for the conditions in individual plots.

Every day we improve the production of blueberries so that our family farm continues to flourish. Grown into the landscape of Podlasie, following the principles of the best agricultural practice, we make our dreams come true and achieve our goals.

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Our varieties

Tradition and experience

New plantings in the plantations in Białousy and Szudziałowo are dominated by the ‘Aurora’, ‘Calypso’, ‘Cargo’, ‘Draper’, ‘Last Call’, ‘Liberty’ and ‘Valor’ varieties.

‘Duke’ is also still planted as an early variety that does not yet have a worthy replacement. So far, the ‘Patriot’, ‘Spartan’ and ‘Reka’ varieties have already been removed.

Among the newly planted varieties, a large area is occupied by ‘Last Call’ – a late variety that ripens at a similar time as ‘Aurora’, and its berries are firm and tasty from the beginning until the end of the harvest. Their features are related to the ease of harvesting, because it is the variety most eagerly harvested by employees and ensures the highest harvesting efficiency. There are also more and more plantings of ‘Cargo’ and ‘Calypso’ varieties.

Our Certificates

Many years our farm is a proud holder of the Global G.A.P certificate.

One of its main goals is to minimize the use of fertilizers and protection measures.

It covers, in particular, issues such as: food safety; cultivation technique; irrigation; waste management; environmental safety.
Another important standard that we have is Tesco NURTURE which sets detailed standards of good agricultural practice and is a private standard of the UK supermarket chain TESCO in conjunction with the Global G.A.P standard.

Our latest success is the achievement of an additional module – GRASP, which aims to protect one of the most important resources of the farm: its people. The GRASP module is a tool that guarantees compliance with international and national labor law.

Our blue treasure

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  • Preparation of the sprinkling material

  • Spring pruning

  • Spring plantings

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  • Autumn pruning of shrubs